Sinfonia derives its name from Italian meaning Symphony. We know that delivering a project on time and on budget today in the architecture world is much like being a music conductor. We ensure that each instrument in the orchestra is in concert in the others. We invite you to listen to what we have to offer.

Project Management

Sinfonia Group plans, directs, coordinates and budgets construction projects to fit the client’s needs. Our team has extensive expertise in preparing cost estimates, schedules and risk analyses throughout all phases of the project lifecycle

  • Cost Estimating and Cost Management
  • Budget Controls
  • Critical Path Scheduling Management
  • Risk Management
  • Value Engineering and Optimization
  • Claims Assessments and Management



Design Development

Sinfonia Group offers a wide variety of planning and design services: from design concept, design development to construction drawings.

  • Design Concept to Construction Drawings

Owner Representation

Sinfonia Group ensures projects are flawlessly executed on time and on budget by overseeing every stage. As an owner representative, we represent you and are committed to supporting you. We provide a broad range of services used throughout the project to include project initiation (zoning and feasibility studies), pre-design design, construction and transition to occupancy. When issues arise, and they always do, we troubleshoot and provide solutions that manage costs, maintain schedule, and minimize change orders.

  • Project Definition and Development
  • Comprehensive Project Management Planning
  • Cost Estimating, Modeling and Management
  • Schedule Development and Management
  • Selection of Consultant Team
  • Coordination with Consultants
  • Procurement Planning and Development
  • Design Management
  • Construction Management and Site Supervision
  • Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Planning and Installation Management
  • Transition Planning and Management



Foreign Architect Coordination

Sinfonia Group has experience in coordinating owner vision with foreign architects and is able to adapt execution to be compliant for the US market.

  • Foreign Architect Coordination

Location Scouting

Sinfonia Group can provide real estate scouting services to suit client’s needs.

  • Real Estate Scouting




Sinfonia Group offers services on providing ongoing maintenance support and is able to troubleshoot and correct any repair or replacement issues preemptively.

  • Trouble Shooting and Ongoing Maintenance