Penthouse, West Village

Project Type: Residential
Schedule: March 2014, July 2014
Size: 1,500 sf
Team: Jmlifestyles, Unisol, Cormac Creed

Design Development with contemporary materials and technologies to achieve a classic, warm and comfortable befitting of its artistic owners.

This residential project is located in West Village, New York. The intent of the project was to find the right balance between the classic and comfortable style of a New Yorker luxury residence while implementing the use of contemporary materials and technologies that are essential to the urban lifestyle.

With respect to these design principles and in support of small businesses, the furniture selection for this apartment comes from a meticulous research within the Esty system, the peer-to-peer (P2P) e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items.

The design employs a juxtaposition of rustic elements and contemporary cast concrete fabrications- the wood burning fireplace and ceiling mounted metal fans in contrast with cast concrete countertops fabricated for the kitchen and bathrooms.

The result is the unique quality of a domestic space that suggests warmth and the timeless New York elegance, while retaining the luxuries and improvement that contemporary technology has to offer.

Explore the space here